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If you have problems with seasoning production and R&D technology that cannot be solved, you are welcome to contact us for help. We will give you a professional and systematic answer...
If you have problems with seasoning production and R&D technology that cannot be solved, you are welcome to contact us for help. We will give you a professional and systematic answer. If you need service, please call the customer service hotline to contact Jiangsu Shizhixiang. Thank you for your support and Great love.
1. The principle of flavor enhancement
The addition of one flavor will increase the other flavor to a certain extent. The two flavors can be the same or different, and the result of the same flavor enhancement is sometimes far greater than the superposition of the two flavors. Example 0: 1% GMP aqueous solution has no obvious umami taste, but after adding the same amount of 1% MSG aqueous solution, the umami taste is obvious, and it greatly exceeds the original freshness of 1% MSG solution. If a certain amount is added The effect of succinic acid or citric acid is more obvious. Another example is adding 15g of sugar to 100mg of water, and then adding 17mg of salt, the sweetness will be sweeter than without salt.
2. Taste masking principle
The addition of one flavor weakens the intensity of the other flavor, or even disappears. For example, umami and sweetness can mask bitterness, and ginger and green onion can mask fishy taste and so on. Taste masking is sometimes harmless and beneficial, such as the application of spices; sometimes it is harmful and unhelpful. For example, covering salt with sugar will make consumers eat more sugar and salt. Covering up is not a countervailing effect. Although there is a countervailing effect in taste, the "offset" substance still exists.
3. Taste interference principle
The addition of one flavor distorts the other flavor. For example, the taste of pineapple or strawberry can make black tea bitter and astringent, and if you drink tasteless water after tasting salt, you will feel a little sweet.
4. The principle of the fragrance effect
Flavoring can only provide fragrance, not sweetness, but due to conditioned reflex, it can increase the attractiveness of flavored condiments and produce a pleasant feeling when consumed. But pay attention to: first, the flavor added should be in harmony with the flavored flavor; second, the flavored flavor itself is of normal quality.
5. Taste derivation principle
The mixture of the two flavors will produce a third flavor, such as the combination of beany flavor and burnt bitterness, which can produce the umami taste of meat; the combination of two flavors of sweet orange and guava produces orange flavor.
6. Taste reaction principle
Some physical or chemical states of food can also change people’s taste. For example, the consistency and mellowness of food can enhance the taste, and delicate food can beautify the taste (the food itself must be of normal quality, otherwise it is counterproductive), PH Foods with a value less than 3 will decrease in freshness. Some of this reaction is a perception phenomenon, and the original flavor components have not changed. For example, high-viscosity foods have prolonged the sticking time of the food in the oral cavity, so that the taste buds on the tongue have a longer sensation of taste, so that the current bite of food When the sensation of taste has not disappeared, the next bite of food touches the taste buds, resulting in a close-to-continuous state of deliciousness; mellowness is formed by the many umami components in the food, and contains peptide compounds and aromatic substances. Thus, a good thick taste can be left. Some are chemical phenomena, such as the effect of PH value is actually the decomposition of sodium glutamate into glutamic acid.
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