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Jiangsu Shizhixiang Foods is a seasoning agent processing manufacturer and a seasoning customization factory, which achieves taste standardization and uniformity by...
调料研发 调料定制


Are you worrying about the unchanging taste of the product for many years and the urgent need for new products?
Are you dissatisfied with the taste of the current product and need to be upgraded and troubled?
Are you troubled by the inconsistent brands of seasonings and the wide variety of products that make the operation cumbersome and difficult to quantify?
Jiangsu Shizhixiang Food will help you put aside all your worries, one-stop supply service provides you with independent low-cost high-quality products, allowing customers to be far ahead of the starting line of competition in the catering industry! !
Jiangsu Shizhixiang Food is a seasoning agent processing manufacturer as well as a seasoning customization factory, which achieves taste standardization and uniformity by customizing the product seasoning package. Food and beverage entrepreneurs without professional knowledge of catering. When you no longer need to develop new flavors to meet market demand and have no idea, Jiangsu Shizhixiang Food Seasoning Customization Experts can also help you solve the problems of R&D and production.
Jiangsu Shizhixiang Food is available for customers to choose from:
1. Create a one-stop supply that belongs to your brand; provide label identification, OEM processing, original product taste upgrade, raw material purchase, production and filling, external and internal packaging, logistics and distribution, etc. to solve customers one by one, without the need for customers to worry , Wait for the product!
2. Raw material supply, filling and packaging;
Our company provides packaging materials and raw materials, is responsible for processing, packaging and outer packaging, and finally delivered to the customer's store as scheduled! Save time, worry and cost! Accurately grasp the market trend and lead the development trend of new seasoning products. Jiangsu Shizhixiang Foods has strong research and development capabilities, and accepts new product development services entrusted by customers all year round. Welcome your cooperation.
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Hotline for research and development of new compound seasoning products: +086-0517-82424777
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