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How to use soy sauce in cooking?
Soy sauce is the seasoning used by chefs every day, but it's not easy to use soy sauce well. What kind of soy sauce is used for cooking is very particular. Using the right soy sauce can not only bring natural attractive color to dishes, but also bring...
How to use soy sauce in cooking?
Soy sauce is the seasoning used by chefs every day, but it's not easy to use soy sauce well. What kind of soy sauce is used for cooking is very particular. Using the right soy sauce can not only bring natural attractive color to dishes, but also bring more delicious flavor to your dishes. If you don't believe me, I'm sure I can give you some inspiration.
Every day we use soy sauce, how to make better use of it to increase the flavor and adjust the color of dishes? It's really a complicated question. However, Oriental cuisine has invited many chefs to share their experience in using soy sauce. Maybe there are some knowledge points you have never known.
Eight chefs summarize how to use soy sauce in cooking!
Donggu yipinxian + Bingtang Laochou = special sauce for braised
There are many braised dishes in our hotel, such as braised turtle and braised tendon. I personally think that making braised vegetables is very important for the choice of soy sauce. My choice is: Donggu yipinxian and Bingtang Laochou match, the ratio of the two is the former 4, the latter 1. Donggu yipinxian is mainly used to increase the flavor of dishes, while Bingtang Laochou is mainly used to color. Compared with other soy sauce, the color of rock sugar soy sauce is more red and bright, and the color of braised vegetables will not turn black. (Peng Jiarui)
Fried vegetables like soy sauce and soy sauce
The choice of soy sauce is more important in making small stir fry. It should be able to improve the freshness and not cover the natural color of raw materials. So I personally think that the best choice for making small stir fry is raw soy sauce and soy sauce. (Peng Jiarui)
Soy sauce for pickles
I think raw soy sauce is the best choice. On the one hand, it can improve the taste, on the other hand, it is lighter in color, which will not affect the appearance of the dishes. (Zhou Benz)
Soy sauce with Amoy soybean for white chopped chicken
In the preparation of white cut chicken dip, we often choose Taoda soy sauce, which has a strong sauce flavor and can make the chicken taste more delicious. (Zhou Benz)
Fresh cold dishes are meijixian and June fresh
Refreshing cold dishes or stir fried dishes are more important for the choice of soy sauce. Our chefs in Jiangsu like to use Meiji delicious sauce or June fresh soy sauce, so the effect of freshening is especially good. (Zhou Benz)
Eight chefs summarize how to use soy sauce in cooking!
Braised cold dishes with straw mushroom
Jiangsu people like to eat braised cold dishes very much, but we found that most chefs would choose straw mushroom sauce when making such cold dishes. (Zhou Benz)
Chicken rice sauce for abalone sauce
We used soy sauce and soy sauce before making abalone sauce. Now we use chicken rice soy sauce instead of other soy sauce varieties to achieve a very good cooking effect, and the color of abalone sauce is very beautiful. (hang Renhua)
Blending of three kinds of soy sauce for Northeast stewed vegetables
Northeast chefs prefer stewed dishes. Stewed chicken, duck and spareribs are all our good dishes. For the choice of soy sauce, I think it is the key. Usually, I like to mix Zhengyanghe soy sauce, blue moon soy sauce and Haitian soy sauce according to the ratio of 1:1:1, and then stew them to make dishes, so as to ensure that the dishes have enough flavor and sauce without too dark color. (Yang Chengguo)
Compound soy sauce for fried Seafood
Fried seafood is more important for the choice of soy sauce. I usually choose seafood soy sauce with strong flavor, and then add a small amount of spicy sauce. (Yang Chengguo)
The best beef needs soy sauce
Gourmet beef is the signature dish of our hotel. When making this dish, I mixed a soy sauce with strong compound flavor. The preparation method is as follows: 50 grams of guar beef juice, 200 grams of Japanese soy sauce, 200 grams of Japanese flavor sauce, 100 grams of Japanese flavor Koulin. After blending, the flavor of soy sauce is more rich, and the dishes are naturally delicious. (hang Renhua)
Compound Meiji soy sauce for dishes
When making some dishes with strong complex flavor, such as Meiji duck chin and Meiji double bacteria, our hotel will choose Meiji soy sauce with certain complex flavor and delicious taste. (hang Renhua)
Japanese soy sauce for pickled seafood
When marinating some seafood ingredients, I suggest you use Japanese soy sauce. Because it has a very strong seafood flavor, with seafood ingredients most matching. (hang Renhua)
Braised seafood and soy sauce
When making braised seafood dishes, such as braised hairtail and pomfret, I always use Haitian soy sauce and vedami soy sauce (5:2 for soy sauce and vedami soy sauce). (Zhang Hui)
Hu Yang soy sauce is the first choice for preserved duck
Roast duck breast is also a very popular home dishes, in pickled duck breast, we will choose Hu Yang soy sauce. Huyang soy sauce itself will be a little sweet, soybean flavor is also very strong, the price is moderate. However, in order to increase its compound flavor, we added Haitian 1 grams of soy sauce, 250 grams of soft sugar, 10 grams of fresh taste juice, Baijiu and brandy on the basis of the kilogram of Hu Yang soy sauce on the basis of the weight of the product. The product is also composed of 250 grams of white sugar. (Zhang Hui)
Braised puffer fish with soy sauce
Braised puffer fish is also a kind of braised dish, but it doesn't need a strong sauce color, so it is different from other braised dishes in the use of soy sauce. I cook puffer fish with the mixture of old soy sauce and Donggu delicacy (the ratio is 1:4). I mainly rely on Donggu delicacy to increase the flavor of puffer fish, and then use old soy sauce to color. (Xu Quan)
Eight chefs summarize how to use soy sauce in cooking!
Hunan style braised dishes with high sauce selection requirements
When cooking Hunan style braised dishes (such as braised yellow duck, braised turtle), we also choose compound soy sauce. The method of soy sauce blending is 500g of Hunan longpai soy sauce, 380g of Zhujiang bridge soy sauce and 750g of raw soy sauce. (fan Zhiwei)
Compound soy sauce for jellyfish
Jellyfish head with sesame oil sauce is a very popular cold dish in Shanghai. When mixing, we choose the compound soy sauce (June fresh soy sauce: Haitian soy sauce is 2:1) which is made of June fresh soy sauce and Haitian soy sauce. (Bao Kangli)
How to make a dish of white cut chicken
The saucer we match with white cut chicken is also a kind of compound soy sauce. Its preparation method is: 50 grams of raw soy sauce, 10 grams of Haitian soy sauce, 3 grams of chicken rice soy sauce. Put the above raw materials into the pot and heat them over low heat. Although the price of chicken rice is relatively high, it will present a very "beautiful" red, which can give the dishes a good look. (Bao Kangli)
Heat the cold soy sauce before use
Although the soy sauce we use now are all big brands, if it is used to make cold dishes, I suggest you put the soy sauce into the pot in advance and slightly heat it, so that the soy sauce will taste fresher after boiling. (Bao Kangli)
Special braised sauce
Shanghainese like braised dishes, but if you simply use soy sauce to cook dishes, the dishes will appear black, "no spirit.". For this reason, we will add yellow sugar when we make braised soy sauce to give it brightness, slight taste and caramel flavor. How to prepare the sauce: add 1500 grams of Haitian soy sauce and 250-300 grams of huangpian sugar into the pot, boil over low heat until the sugar is completely melted. (Bao Kangli)

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