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Jiangsu Shizhixiang Food - Ceo Speech

Dear customers, customers, netizens and friends: Hello everyone!
I am very happy that we met in Jiangsu Shizhixiang. Although the wind is blowing outside the window, our heart is warm and our passion is burning, so we don't feel cold indoors at all. As the new year is approaching, on behalf of Jiangsu Shizhixiang Company, I would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere thanks to everyone for your visit!
In 2020, it should be said that we have gone through the entire domestic economy together, and the tool industry has been an extremely difficult year. This year, we have been in the same boat and we have shared our heart. Today, I’m very happy to announce to you that despite the hardships and bumps along the way in 2020, we have achieved very good results: the seasoning sales have achieved catch-up, and all regions are in the forefront of Jiangsu counterparts. At the same time, our products and channels are more abundant. Enriched the types of seasonings, improved the quality of seasonings, implemented service upgrades, accelerated logistics, and so on. Here, I want to thank you again for your great support to us, thank you everyone!
With the continuous development of Shizhixiangxiang, our service functions have become more complete and our service capabilities have been enhanced. We will have more capabilities and means to optimize our services, promote cooperation between enterprises, and communicate with distributors; although the current overall indicators are still under adversity, challenges and opportunities always coexist under adversity. We have also seen that in a relatively adversity market environment, our catering customers are doing very well. In 2021, new prospects are about to unfold, and we will all have more opportunities to do better.
In 2021, Jiangsu Shizhixiang will continue to continue the corporate spirit of "use conscience as a condiment and integrity as a career", continue to provide you with better services, and hope that we will create brilliance with you in 2021.



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Production Ability

The factory covers an area of more than 20 acres and has a modern production workshop of more than 8,000 square meters. It has modern food production lines such as hot pot bottom material production line, self-heating convenient hot pot production line, chicken essence production line, and oil production line.